10+ Features iPhone 7 does not have compared to Android Devices

The Apple iPhone 7 is not only the Best iPhone ever built but definatly in the Top 5 Category for Small and Big Sized Devices. But even with 2 things we never thought they will bring in a Smartphone (removing the Jack Port and making it water resistant) there is still quite a lot Android has Invented without Apple ever willing to Use it.

Some of these Features are Even 15 Years old like a regular FM Radio, Infrared Port or expandable Battery. But Secondary Screens, Gestures on the…

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  1. A phone without wireless charging, microSD, USB, NFC and a headphone jack is not something I would buy. Apple officially does not support any standard ports or connections. This is why I do not buy Apple products — they try to lock you into only buying their proprietary hardware and accessories.

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