[4K] What’s on my iPhone 6S Plus | Part 3

The 3rd and final part of my “What’s on my iPhone 6S Plus” series. Shot in Ultra HD 4K.

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  1. Attention to details is top notch! I'm new here and I don't know how you only have "only" 9k subs. Just a thing, try to decrease the volume of the music while you are talking, just a little, cuz even the music is well planned. Good job mate

  2. New subscriber here! liked everything ! and your style making videos are awsome … so minimalist and eye apealing! Good stuff mate , keep it up ! i'm on android but still loved to see what apps you're using :)

  3. I just saved enough money for a 16gb iPhone 6sPlus. I don't use many apps at all but will 16gb be enough? especially with new IOS updates taking up more storage. Should I save another £80 for 64gb or just stick with 16gb?

    Please reply!!!!

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