50+ Tips and Tricks for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

In this video we will cover over 50 tips, tricks and hidden features of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. We will first cover all the EDGE tips and tricks and then move on to all the other goodies.

10 Advanced Tips and Tricks for S7:

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  1. Can someone please tell me how to open a notification on the locked screen? I once just "long pressed" the notification and the app opened. Now…nothing! I don't want to unlock the screen and then go to the application I was notified of.

  2. how do I turn on the security feature, I can't find it,I thought it came with the features to turn it on,we're it shows the battery,the security shield, ram,and not sure what the other feature was.

  3. @sakitech great detailed tips and tricks review like always. just a small thing about the Always on Display. At MWC samsung claimed that drains 0.8%/1 hour and in real life usage the Always on Display drains 1%/ 1 hour and not 1%/day. I like all your detailed tips and tricks reviews and your other videos too.

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