Amazon Warrior Episode #46 “The Giveaway”

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  1. hey man if you get a chance can you make a video of the Hood Sangria. that shit looks good. when I get a chance I got to send you a receiver for some Coquito, which is a Puerta Rican Egg Nog that will knock you on your ass. lol @floss

  2. Floss fun Amazon warrior but I was confused when you said the Note 4 was Trash because in your real review it was a go! In addition to that you said the Note 5 was your favorite phone out right now. Just in case you didn't know most Note 4s now have the Marshmallow update and are able to do everything the Note 5 can and more with no rooting.

  3. Good video. its always a pleasure to watch your videos. it always gives me a good laugh. been rocking with you since the htc evo day and have watch every video. was wondering if you could do a video on some more car gadgets that will give you that James bond feeling. interested to see some of the stuff you got in the whip.

  4. Keep hold of the v10. You need a bad ass truck, not another high-end tricked out go-cart. Get a fully loaded Limited edition short-bed Tundra with sunroof, leather seats, V8. Silver with black tinted windows. Plenty of room for all your phones. Plus, it you ever move south you can hang your heat in the rear window. IMAO.

  5. Yo Floss i been watching your vids I took it back to amazon warrior #1 came up to episode 6, I had a question there was a product that you reviewed in episode 6 the phone soap (UV phone cleaner), how did it hold up still using it?

  6. I remember y'all roasting a meatboy around November last year, the guy that kept coming back with all the different names and shit. And that nigga with the Dodge Charger or some shit like that, shit was mad corny yo.

  7. Been a sub for bout 9 months and have loved the vids. Never watched an amazon warrior because I'm on that school grind and never really had the time. Man i be missin out. Gotta screen in on these from now on. On a scale of 1 to 10 these are definitely a win.

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