Apple vs Amazon seller over fakes, Blue Coral Galaxy S7 edge & more – Pocketnow Daily

– uBreakiFix partners with Google for same-day Pixel screen repairs
– Blue Coral Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is here… if here means Singapore
– Friend-less, non-modular LG G6 expected, but not without risk
– It only took two weeks for the iPhone 7 and 7…

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  1. If it supports quick charge by Qualcom then a qc compliant charger by the usual suspects ie Anker, tronsmart, Aukey or Ravpower.

    Why? Because they're faster than the stock charger. Nobody provides Qualcom qc chargers ootb, they use their own flavour of 'fast charge'. I use the stock cable as it's generally of good quality and I don't need it to be longer.

    The above does not apply for nexus, moto or +3 as stock is best. 3rd party will actually be slower.

  2. the funny thing is I have more problems with my Samsung branded chargers than I do with off branded changers. and now I pretty much only by Amazon branded or Anker cables and chargers.

  3. the only reason apple is complaining as these guys made Apple products without paying an apple license you don't really see Samsung going after USB micro usb chargers Apple just wanted to cut of everyone's money

  4. Your explanation for not buying third party chargers and accessories I noticed you made a joke about Samsung and their exploding phones, that wasn't a third party issue so why even mention it?

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