BADLAND – Launch Trailer

BADLAND – Available now in App Store for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.
Download link:

Checkout iphone se launch

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  1. This game is awesome.
    I had the sound at the end of this trailer as a message alert sound for a while. Requests to pick up milk on the way home have never sounded so epic or terrifying!

  2. No, no,no this video don't reproduce the whole juicy effect, this game can make on you, this game is so cool, that I couldn't break away from it for hours. I hope the produsers won't stop on this game and give us more happiness with their products.

  3. Hey guys i just want to let everyone know that this game is not frustrating at all. It has generous check points and you only need one clone to make it out alive. It is kinda easy to play but hard to master. It only gets hard when you want to complete the challenges. It is a really good game!

  4. This looks like an interesting game. I'm definitely going to try it, although if it has the stupid gong sounds like this video I'm out! I especially like the payment model, allowing you to get some free levels with ads, and then you can pay for the rest and multiplayer later if you want. This is the type of payment model that I like to support. Their video doesn't have the Play link, so here it is.

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