Berlin’s First iPhone 6 Buyer Waits 6 Days outside Apple Store

Hundreds of people anxiously await the opening of Berlin’s “Apple” store where the new iPhone 6 went on sale, with the first buyer in line saying he waited six days outside.

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As hundreds of people anxiously awaited the opening of Berlin’s Apple store on Friday where the company’s new iPhone 6 went on sale, one said he had camped outside for six days to be first in line while another immediately fell in love with his new phone.

“I came last Saturday at 9:30 a.m.,” said Helge Bruhn, a man in his 40s.

“Already for all the people I met here it was worth it. It was great, I met someone from Moscow, from Armenia, from Russia – a superb experience,” Bruhn said.

Together with a friend he took turns in securing the pole position outside Berlin’s Apple store on the Kurfuerstendamm shopping boulevard, going home only for quick showers.

Marcus Freihoff, in his 20s, could barely conceal his excitement as he followed a vendor to a corner of the shop where together they opened…

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  1. waiting on line for a stuped iphone can't understand it i can go a month later and what is the different and who cares if someone buy the first iphone . i know people who didn't go to work for buy the new iphone

  2. Echt traurig das diese Menschen sich an materiellen Sachen sich so erfreuen… Aple ist die Frucht aus Garten Eden an der Eva ein bissen nahm um so zu sein wie Gott. Schaut euch mal das logo an. Mein ihr es ist ein Zufall?a

  3. I Would NEVER wait online for days or hours for a PHONE WTF yet again am one of those rare people that hold on to there phones for a year or 2 why get a new phone every year just to have the latest phone when the phone you have works just fine :/ i guess money holds more value to me more then others

  4. the last guy said that he woke up at 5 am because he was afraid that he would be late. In the end he says "is this finally mine?" I wouldnt be surpised if this guy is a paid actor.

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