Best 3D Touch Compatible Apps! Top 10 List For iPhone 6S

Top 10 3D Touch Apps for iPhone 6S & iPhone 6S Plus. 10 Best 3D Touch Compatible Apps from Appstore!

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  1. What would be cool for 3d touch with games would be a game like clash of clans. For example 3d touch it on the home screen and then it should have the option of train troops, attack, and something else.

  2. The comment about apps supporting the bigger screens last year isn't true. It took forever to optimise apps for the 6 Plus. As a Plus user I noticed the differences a lot more.

  3. It would be great if 3D Touch was incorporated into the settings app. That would be great and time saving where you can quickly access/force touch into your most used settings or something.
    But on the whole it's great for Instagram and Mail which is the only uses for me.

  4. You wanna hear a joke?

    I have 3D touch on my iPad mini 2….

    And thats not a joke.

    Thats a fact that this "new" technology is not a hardware upgrade. Instead, is a software update only for iPhone 6s to get a "sell catch" for all those blind people. And yes, I got it trough jailbreak.

  5. As a Samsung user, i hope that they never include this "3D touch" thing in the following devices. It's the same thing as long/short press, why making such a fuzz for this thing? I find it really useful. Mobile phones companies should focus on screen resolution, camera (more resolution, and specially a new system for zooming that wont fuck up the photos resolutions), speakers etc…

  6. Lol… I always have the iPhones without S (even though the coolest changes inside come to the S iPhones first)… When I had the 5, I thought Touch ID was so stupid, but it's actually pretty cool. I've never had any security on my phone until I had the 6 with Touch ID… It doesn't work all the time anymore but that's just because my hands are sweaty sometimes and the fingerprint scanner is dirty sometimes. I thought 3D touch would be really dumb, but previewing websites looks one of the coolest possibilities. Now I have to go to the website, get out of safari and back to the app… (iOS 9 has the back button in the left corner, but I'm still using iOS 8). I think they could easily bring this to all iPhones, if you press long, tap again if you want to go farder (instead of pressing harder) en swipe down if you don't want it. Just tap the home button like idk 5 times to go in 'remove apps mode'. The expierence would just be better on the 6S, but it's available to all customers.

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