Best iOS 7 Tips and Tricks

Best Tips and Tricks! More features below!

iOS 7 Features List:

Control Center: A menu that requires a swiping up gesture to access, revealing a whole set of toggles for Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb, brightness, orientation lock, music playback controls and volume, AirDrop and AirPlay, and quick access to Camera, Timer, Flashlight (uses rear-facing LED) and Calculator.
Notification Center:
There is a new tab called “Today” that shows you the forecast, traffic, birthdays and other info relevant to your day-to-day life. This seems like Apple’s attempt at competing with Google Now on Android.
Another tab called “missed” lets you prioritize alerts you missed in the past 24 hours.
New card-based previews of apps that you have open, very reminiscent of popular jailbreak tweak Auxo.
Moreover, apps are intelligent now in the sense that iOS can discover the apps you use most — and at what times — and keep them up to date beforehand

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  1. i have some problems here.. i do the panorama as my lock screen, but then when i tilt my iphone there is no changes occur. it is same as i take fixed picture for wallpaper.. so, please help me here.. really really need your help, thanks!

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