Best Top 30 Free Tweaks for iOS 8 – 8.1 Pangu 8 Jailbreak November 2014

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30 Free Tweaks for iOS 8 Pangu Jailbreak November 2014
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  1. I got NCCalc7 but on iOS 8 I don't know how to put it up in the notifications tab……? Can u maby walk me threw the setting real fast I would appreciate it thanks
    (I also downloaded N stats7 and I'm having the same problem)

  2. +Bryan Swinderman put phone in safe mode by holding home and power until phone goes off then remove finger off power but hold home until screen goes black.  This will allow you to remove tweak

  3. PLEASE HELP. This is serious. I installed biprotect, I have bioprotect on for an app. I locked out of my device with the app running on the screen, and I tried re-opening my device, and it was glitchy, it froze. Then I tried to turn off my phone, and it asked for permission. Now my phone is frozen completely and I can't use it. PLEASE HELP!!!

  4. Nice video!!  Check out "Springtomize3" when you can. This tweak does the job of many tweaks on this one application. It allowed me to uninstall many tweaks and freed up a lot of space. For example, I got rid of dock shift,  better five home screen columns and better five icon dock (and a bunch of others) because this one tweak can do those plus a bunch more. Worth checking out. Thanks again for this awesome video – I added 3 tweaks I didn't have!

  5. is there a tweak that lets the stock weather app show up on the lock screen like it did for the ios7? I thought it was awesome that I could see the weather every time I pressed my home button and see the animations on each page like rain or snow or whatever

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