Can You Game on a Mac?

Can you game on a Mac? History would tell you no, but the facts will tell you yes. These days, there’s more than a few things to play on the Mac and those numbers grow in Boot Camp.

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  1. This reason triple A titles don't always come to Mac, cause PC developers want Mac developer pay top dollars for the rights. We only get the title because it tank on the pc side.

  2. I have a Mac Pro 2010, quad 2.8ghz, Radeon 7950 3gig of ram (flash) and boot camp (Windows 8.1) for fallout 4, skyrim, new Vegas ,splinter cell black list. MacBook Pro 2.8 C2D 9600 GT for crusader kings II, breach and clear: deadlines, civilization, wasteland 2 and tropico 3

  3. I game on my 5k iMac! 8 GB ram, AMD radeon R9, i5 processor. Can run most games at maxed out settings without frame drops. Although not all the games run smoothly above a 2k resolution depending on how graphically intense it is.

  4. You can game on a Mac, especially with Steam, but you shouldn't game on a Mac. I have a Mac personally and it's alright; however it's in upgradable so after half a decade it becomes obsolete.

  5. I use an early 2011 and can play plenty of steam games like Half-Life and Psychonauts at reasonable 30± FPS. There's also MacGameStore if you're looking for a title like Bioshock that isn't available for Mac on steam. It'll even let you know if your Mac is capable of running the game you're trying to buy, and has some pretty crazy deals available! :)

  6. he does know that origen is availble for OSX too right? Linux has more games then OSX, on steam, plus emulation is better on Linux then OSX, and you are locked down like you are on OSX.

  7. Great topic… I have a basic macbook pro 15 inch mid 2014 with the iris pro card on it and i occasionally gaming on it. I play games like Rayman and Hitman which is purchase on the app store. I find that as long as i don't turn the setting too high it works fine and serves all the needs…

  8. Hey i got a macbook 2015

    2,7 GHz Intel Core i5
    8 GB 1867 MHz DDR3'
    ntel Iris Graphics 6100 1536 MB

    Can i game like Counter strike global offensive?
    Example a 13 hour
    Does the mac getting slow if you game that game or getting like total warm?
    Please answer 🙂

    BTW nice review.

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