Channel 4 News iPhone interview interrupted by Apple

The moment Apple lost patience with Channel 4 News after their reporter Benjamin Cohen asks them why iTunes is built into the phone.

Checkout iphone se launch

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  1. f*cking channel 4. they were given a chance to talk about iphone and then turn around and ask a different kind of question! no more interview for you! how about apple say they will sell you an iphone and give you a windows phone after you paid apple?

  2. Nah this journalist Benjamin Cohen registered two weeks after apple registered the trade mark. He forwarded it to his own music search website and runs various porno portals and runs businesses you would be ashamed to

  3. Exactly – it's just like when the BBC interviewed Mike Lazaridis, saying that RIM had security issues. Of course he was going to end the interview there – no one really wants to ruin their company's reputation.

  4. Why didn't he just say "It's impossible to offer the user experience you get when not controlling the software to synchronize all your data with your iPhone." like they always say.

  5. Love how the company that grew because it was a good to Microsofts evil is basically the same company now. Fuck these yes men. Its what happens when you sell your soul for money.

  6. I like having itunes integrated, i don't mind paying for content, I'm in PR, and i would have done the same thing (though maybe a bit more subtley). The journalist most certainly knew he'd get shot down, but of course he had to try. who cares. this happens daily at all companies.

  7. @IntoTheDavyDark The music industry was in deep shit? News to me.File sharing has cost Artists dearly.Now if you want to make millions as a rock star you've got to play live gigs.Apple have made a lot of money using their monopoly, but so have microsoft and thinking about it, your local supermarket.Itunes is not the best music site out there, there are plenty of others,they just have good marketing.This site YT, is the biggest bandit of them all,but don't you love it.

  8. @coresnake0 totally different situations. MS used its monopoly in the OS market to gain control in different market (browsers) using illegal methods such as making their competitors browsers (Netscape) buggy and slow. I was around and I debated it many times. Apple did not and cannot use their large market share in MP3 players (iPod) and jukebox software (iTunes) to gain market share in the smartphone market. It is not just possible. The proof! Now four years later Apple cut the cord with iOS 5.

  9. @517anon Really? If it wasn't apple it would be somebody else. Frankly, I'm glad to be done with physical media. First the outrageous prices they charged for CDs. 2nd, who wants to have to carry their whole CD collection with them all the time. 3rd you must be a very unhappy person to react to Steve Jobs death that way and to call him a faggot. What are you 13 years old? Grow up.

    I've used both and I prefer the Apple environment. As they always say, it just works.

  10. @Swiftyll: I couldn't disagree more. Hubris like this is a GREAT reason to vote with my feet. Using the behaviour of others to justify bad behaviour is nothing more than a lack of personal responsibility. I take responsibility for my actions, and that includes supporting companies that provide alternatives to companies that behave this way. After using Android for a month, I'm really glad I made the switch! It's a FAR more customisable, and open platform.

  11. It is not unsual for companies to want to control their media releases and image to the public.

    Politicians insist on very rigid question scope when they are interviewed and they have to have all the questions in advance. In some ways they are more accountable than a company like Apple.

    So don't think that Apple is the only company that does this.

  12. @DStynchula Silly reason to move to android. Apple make good products fact. Although I disagree with the way that was dealt plenty of other big companies probably do the same

  13. Another good reason to avoid apple products like the plague.
    You're not interested in honestly answering a question? Interview over. that's all I need to know about a company to never spend a dime with them. Looks like moving to andriod was a great call after all!

  14. @lohphat I dunno, I reckon press management is a skill nowadays. The less you say, the less people can misinterpret. Apple + Scientology…is it just me, or do they seem to go hand in hand?

  15. This video is fucking hilarious. What more proof do people need that this company is a bunch of douchebags? It's fucking SICKENING that these are the fags killing the physical music industry. I hope they all die painfully like their faggot leader Steve Jobs did.

  16. @TuringOracle However, they *are* answerable to their shareholders, and one bad soundbite can ruin the week for many of them. If someone from the media was in your face asking hostile questions about your life or business, you'd be entitled to walk away, answer or not – completely up to you. The press is free to ask what it likes, but private citizens are not obliged to answer.

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