Cozoy Rei portable DAC/amp Review

If you’re looking for something better than what Apple offers for the iPhone 7 for earphones, or better audio for your smartphone, Cozoy makes a great ultra-portable solution that can even play back super-high-res files and DSD.

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  1. @currawong Thanks for your helpful reviews. Do you plan to try out the Mytek Clef? It seems like the perfect product for me, but the output impedance is listed as 10 ohms on the Mytek site. That may not fly.

  2. Good review, this has an Interesting form factor – I have a little CEntance DACport Slim costing $99 US with 450 mW output driving 600 Ohm head phones – great value for money, sounds good and puts many of these smaller devices along with larger DAC/Amp to shame.

  3. @currawong Thank you for the Vid. I was interested in Rei and keen to get either Dragonfly Red or Rei. In your opinion, which one pairs better with CFA Andromeda?

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