Cydia Tweak: RecordPause – Pause video recording in the Camera app

Description: Pause and resume recording video within the stock Camera app. Works on iOS 8.2 beta, 8.1.2, 8.1.1, 8.1, PP & Taig Jailbreak.

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  1. The freezing camera is fixed. Thogh one other problem is that when you record with the front camera, you cant really pause and play without your finger getting in the way, and the fact that the mic is right where you tap it, you can hear the tapping when you replay the video. It's kinda anoying and they should replace the button for pausing and resuming, should be next to the stop button or something like that

  2. You cant change the camera while paused??? Well thats not useful at all…I think Vine and Instagram you can switch between the front and back camera. With this it looks like you cant…which is a bummer. 

  3. Would have been better if a pause button appeared next to the stop button so you don't have to reach to the top of the screen to pause and when paused the live view continued.

  4. It seems super useful, but I wish the screen did not freeze when you pause the video so that before resuming, you keep getting a live view while the video is paused :/

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