Display Lowest Brightness Test iPhone 7, Galaxy S7 edge, Xperia XZ, OnePlus 3T, LG V20

Display Lowest Brightness Screen Test iPhone 7, Galaxy S7, Sony Xperia XZ, OnePlus 3T, LG V20, Xperia X Performance, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone SE, HTC 10, LG G5, Google Pixel XL.

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  1. Well.. Where I come from, people seem to want brighter screens in the dark. Where I would set to a brightness that is just bright enough or minimum in dark rooms, others will put maximum brightness in normally lit rooms and average brightness in dark rooms.

  2. Now please do their maximum outdoor brightness (both manual and auto) under direct sunlight. I highly appreciate these, thanks and belated Happy New Year to you and to everyone

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