DIY Cell Phone Case – How To Make Cute Iphone 6S Designs by ANN LE

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I love seeing all those great couture style cell phone cases, but after seeing how much they cost, I figured why not DIY it? This is a highly requested video by all of you! In this video I will show you how customize your own cell phone cover for any brand phone. You don’t need to have just an Iphone as you can find practically every mode cell phone cover on eBay for a very low cost! Great creative and DIY your own and change them up to match your outfit and accessories!



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Paper flowers:



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Clear Gloss spray/paint:


Come join…

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  2. I first came across this video months ago thanks to a buzzed article; I really wanted to make the orange flower case because I love flowers and orange is my favorite color, but after looking on eBay and etsy for the little flowers and not finding them, I gave up. Today I went to Michaels looking for stuff to DIY some Christmas gifts and I, by complete luck saw a pack of them hanging up on the wall! So I am back, taking note of all your instructions to start my case lol. Wish me luck!

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