Epic Galaxy S7 Cinematic 4K Camera Test!

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Edge Cinematic camera / video test. This is an ungraded cinematic camera demo w/ Samsung’s Galaxy S7. How does Galaxy S7 camera compare vs iPhone 6s vs Note 5 vs Galaxy S6 vs LG G5? ▶Subscribe for more: ▶dbrand skins –

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Checkout iphone 6s camera test

49 comments Add yours
  1. FUCK YOU APPLE FANBOYS! The Galaxy S7 yeah its over saturated BUT IS A GOOD CAMERA! IS BETTER THAN THE CAMERA OF ANY ANDROID AND ANY IPHONE! Ok Ok i calm down… but is a little stupid to say that this camera is bad XD

  2. So amazing! Well done, dude. Please i need to buy a triopod for my Samsung Galaxy S7, NOT THE S7 EDGE, the classic one! In this video, do you use a triopod? If yes, please tell me which one if you use. I would appreciate it . :))

  3. Everyone talking about the oversaturation but I noticed that the camera is terrible in low light. For example, at 0:34 the stream is pitch black on the left, so is the rock at 0:37 and the cow at 0:51 is so dark that you can only see its head and the silhouette of its body. Disappointed Samsung 😒

  4. I recently got an s7 and people keep complaining about the over saturated images and video. if I shoot a video in RAW, would the video look more realistic?

  5. So basically samsung fucked us by putting more sharpness/oversaturating than the allready oversaturated S6? I really like the colors of the iphone camera but I prefer the samsung phone for everything else, why can't samsung fucking make it normal natural colors whyyyyyyyyyy

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