Free iPhone 6 / 6s : How to get a free iPhone !! Use my code please.


Hey all
I found a method to get a free iphone 6
a genuine one (not chinese)
But, I hope that everyone who will use that, will be able to try the product (all options, applications ….) and to send a full repport to apple about it to keep that working
first, I will drop the link in the description.
As you see here, that’s the website.
What I need to get it?
Ok, so that’s the best question:
and the answer is…
You need a working mail, a real adresse and a phone, because you will get a validation from them, before and then they will send it for you

What you need to do?
I will tell you that you should’nt try to get more than ONE.
If you need more, you can share that with your friends, and for every 10 reviews/repports for the iphone6 you got.
You will be able to get another chance.

As I told you, So, for me, I hope you will use my code, that I invited you that Ii can use more chances for me.

When you subscribe, please use the code


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