From Galaxy Note to Note 7 – NOSTALGIA

A quick look at Samsung’s Journey from the Galaxy Note to the Galaxy Note 7.

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  1. "Safety of its consumers" . Thats why people keep buying overpriced shit because they think the company cares about them. they dont, they would not care if 100 mil people died from their phones as long as they werent in jeopardy. Why are u people so naive ?! I hope the next phones will have issues as well so people will stop playing 5 times the production cost

  2. if the note 7 was still being sold, it would be the best phone out. i don't know which phone is the best after that. i'm guessing the S7+ but i'm not sure.

  3. Brother Note 7 market me hai kisi k pass, mil raha hai mujhe so aapki soch kya kheti hai…. kharid lu ya nahi…
    aage jo hoga O meri Qismat but aapka kya khena hai… Note 7 k bare me

  4. galaxy note 3 is still a good phone. On my note 3 I have android 6.0.1 and every game works very fast. After overclocking I can't compare the game loading speed between s7 edge and the note 3 n9005.

    I'm don't getting like at s7 edge whole day on battery but at least I can use it 17h

  5. The ironic part about all of these stories, is once Samsung finally decided to end the Note 7 line, there hasn’t been another story of it exploding. Samsung claims to have pulled off over 80% of the Note 7 smartphones out the hands of customers, but that still leaves several hundred thousand out in the wild. Statistically there should be at least one that should have exploded since the official recall. Now it’s all about the S7 and S7 edge exploding. Are we going to hear stories about this until Samsung recalls those too?

  6. Unfortunately no, they are putting the note series to a pause, the damage Samsung received from the note 7 disaster was too big, so they are pushing the s8 at late feb- early march and will consider wether to continue the note series or not

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