Galaxy S6 Camera Tips & Tricks

Everything you need to know about using the Galaxy S6 camera. These Galaxy S6 tips and tricks will help you take better looking photos on the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. Read 65+ Galaxy S6 Tips & Tricks –

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  1. Josh, thank you for the great video. I am possibly looking to ditch my iphone 6 (I have been on iphone since the 3GS.) I am a video producer and editor and wondering what type of file format/codec the S6/Edge shoots in?. ( Possibly .mp4?) Currently, on the iphone 6 I can link to the Quicktime Movie files on my Avid editing system. Thank you

  2. you forgot a hidden feature, in pro mode you can tap and hold in the image preview to lock focus and exposure, just like in auto mode, but in pro mode you can then drag the focus and exposure lock circles around independently. very cool.

  3. Looking at this i can tell my phones camera is faulty now. I have the same phone but tried so much to fix the blurry issue and finally deciding to send it back. If they cant fix the issue i am going to get another phone just not a samsung.

  4. the video and camera is is bad ass and i like being able to go in and edit video like add music and text into the video but one thing i never hear any one bring up is the ability to open up 1-2-3 apps in the same screen i can watch youtube and surf the web all in the same screen

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