Galaxy S7 Edge vs. iPhone 6S Plus Speed Test

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Speed test between the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and the Apple iPhone 6S Plus. Will the latest and greatest from Samsung be able to take down the reigning #phonebuffstyle speed test champ in the iPhone 6S Plus?

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  1. I'm an Android fan, but I had to give the iPhone a try… switched from a Nexus 5 to an iPhone 6s. I'm forced to carry my Nexus 5 everywhere because it has functionalities the iPhone doesn't… now that I want to switch back to Android, I don't see myself making a step back in performance and reliability (the best example I found to describe reliability is snapchat: the iPhone will always launch snapchat in the same amount of time, while android phones, including Galaxy S7, HTC One M9, Xperia Z3, Nexus 5, will sometimes take no time to launch or take forever to launch).

  2. Oh yall really serious about this lol ok so ima trade in the S7 edge all the features & customizations, QHD , water/dust proof & expandable memory for the 6S Plus cause it's faster than the galaxy by seconds…..right ?????????????????

  3. Fucking idiot, there is no issue with the RAM with the S6 or S7. The phone is running a 2k LED resolution while Iphone is running 1080p LCD resolution. Of course it will win since the Samsung phone has a way bigger bag to carry.

  4. I was almost going to give up on videos for vs. tests as most people making the videos talk way more than necessary. boring. this video was by far the most informative. bravo

  5. There is reasons why iPhone 6s Plus is better than Samsung S7 but it is my opinion not being rude here even though I got an iPhone 6s Plus so 1 is that iPhone 6s Plus have an little slightly bigger display and 2 iPhone 6s Plus works faster speed,

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