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This one’s a bit long but hopefully it’ll be helpful!!

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  1. Im in year 10 so ive just started my GCSEs. Im an unorganized mess and has gotten into my current classes from last minute revision >~< I know my procrastination will soon catch up on me ;-; i really need to self discipline myself and watch motivational speeches

  2. I dont like history but I like arts, especially literature. So what works for me the best is to find novels, short stories, painting whatever which do include some political, social events and ideas from that age. For example when I was learning about the before-world war (what is that in your language, not even my translator knows) situation I tried to read some articles and a novel written by famous thinkers and writers, what they thought about the war. This helps to recreate the feelings they have felt that time and it leads to remember for a long time.

  3. I so agree on the one about sorting out your problem areas early!! I didn't in my economics class, and litetally when we finished going through the last chapter (#34), I went to my teacher like "hey i was gone when we learnt chapter 4 can you explain it?" and you're right, it was a mess

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