Ghostek Atomic 3 0 Waterproof Case for iPhone 7 Plus – Review – A waterproof tank!



The Ghostek Atomic 3 Series Waterproof Case for the iPhone 7 has surprisingly come out as one of the toughest cases I’ve reviewed. The fact that it’s waterproof is just a plus.

Made of an aluminum bumper with a hard frosted plastic back and sealed with a flexible screen protector, that’s 360 degrees of protection along with being sealed away from water.

Now we all know the iPhone 7 is already…

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  1. Remember that this is a waterproof case that was meant to be used in water, snow and rain only, you'll not use it as your "go to the restaurant" case or use it everyday so the cons that he mentioned aren't real inconvenients.

  2. I did really want this case and I'll still probably get it if I ever need a waterproof case specifically, but thanks for the review it wouldn't work well as a daily case for me!

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