Google Pixel XL vs Nexus 6P: Smaller screen, bigger price…

The one year upgrade is always a tough recommendation, but Google is making a hard course correction with the Pixel. Now that the Nexus is officially retired, should Google fans turn to this new line of phones? Here’s our showdown between the Pixel XL and the Nexus 6P!

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  1. LOL the answer is simple: if u currently own a nexus 6p (like me) its definitely not a worthy upgrade at all. If u are looking for a new smartphone and money isnt a issue then the pixel for sure.

  2. gtfoh. the Pixel kills it… This is coming from someone who had the 6P 128 GB and upgraded to the PIXEL XL 128 GB. no comparison. The Nexus brand was initially a developer phone. With that, Google would try to drive the price down for this brand, and the final product reflected such. By that I mean, even though Nexus phones had vanilla Android on the hardware, you would still see hiccups such as some lag, warming, performance issues. Now, Google has rightfully shuddered the Nexus and put forth a premium phone. If it's premium, why should you pay less than it's worth. I dare you to Pixel up – I guaranty you won't be able to put it down.

  3. Sorry man. I usually fall in line with your thoughts. But after a year with a 6p…the Pixel XL is night and day! The radios are a MILLION times better. I've never had a single bluetooth issue with the XL. I get Wifi in rooms that NO other device got any signal. While the 6p had some little hiccups the XL has never had a single one. And the BIGGEST difference. When the 6p came out I was able to squeeze about 2.5 hours of SOT time with it. After Nougat hit that went down to about 1.5 (one with any gaming). The Pixel XL consistently gets 5-6 hours of SOT!!! I never have to worry about my battery life. I got my Daydream View recently (another reason to get an XL) and I used it for an hour and STILL had 78% left, meaning even that doesnt burn it nearly as hard as I expected! The camera is also worlds different. I gave up on the 6p at one point since it was so slow to load up I missed nearly every picture with it….and it took so long to process I could take about 3 pics then I would have to wait. The XL loads up instantly and does HDR with no slowdown or delays. I think you need to spend more time with both devices before saying there is too little difference between them to say it's a worthy upgrade. It is 1000% worthy and would recommend it to any 6p owner!

  4. NEXUS 5X VS GOOGLE PIXEL? Alright I had the Nexus 5X all was good. 3 problems happened in the last 2 months. Currently my phone is at the repairs (under warranty) because its stuck in a boot loop. Not my fault even though I was tinkering with rooting and all but it got stuck AFTER I flashed the stock image and locked the bootloader. So since my Nexus 5X is broken and I am pretty sure there is no chance of it coming back unless they flash the stock image again somehow and it works some how… But let's say it fails alright. They either give me credit or a replacement which I can exchange for credit (Done it before it works). If I am going to get a phone it has to be recent and not be outdated in like 6 months, has to have a finger print scanner, 3GB ram or more, Amoled (preferably) and it's gotta be fast. I am willing to spend approximately $850 USD. I was thinking the Pixel but I don't know if its worth upgrading. Thoughts?

  5. The fact that Google said they didn't add IP67/68 water+dust resistance to the phone because they ran out of time is something that just makes the Pixels 2 unfinished devices, at from my perspective. For that s#!t load of money you get a phone that looks boring, or shall I say… ugly. The 6P grew on me fairly quickly to the point that it made me buy one, but with the Pixels the story is completely different. I'm kinda disappointed. That's why I'll be waiting for the next generation of Pixel phones. Let's hope they won't run out of time this time.

  6. The Nexus 6P. Compared to the Pixel XL, the 6P offers an infinitely better design, much of the same specs for a way better price, same voice assistant capabilities, and a great camera that's almost as good just without the hype.

  7. Which would you advise I get for my specific situation? I'm eligible for a 2 year contract upgrade with Verizon, which means I could get the 32gig Pixel XL for about $320. Since Verizon doesn't sell the Nexus 6P, I would have to buy it full price online like Bestbuy or Amazon and it would still be around $500 for a 32gig model. Which is the better option? I'm inclined to go with the Pixel XL for longevity reasons as I'm not the type of consumer who buys a new phone every year, so I think the Pixel would most likely last me for the next 2+ years.

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