How to Connect iPad and iPhone to TV: Wireless (Apple TV, AirPlay), HDMI and VGA; Mirror iPad to TV

Connect iPad and iPhone to TV Screen or Projector using cables (HDMI, VGA) with adapters or without cables: Apple TV (AirPlay, Wifi). The iPhone connects to the TV pretty much in the same way you connect an iPad – if you have an Apple TV, it is exactly the same, all wirelessly using the AirPlay option. “How to Fix AirPlay problems”:

I love to watch iPad on TV (mostly YouTube videos on the bed) and even play games on TV. Apple TV is my favorite option, lots of fun!

00:10 The Options: cables and adapters; apple tv
00:20 The right Adapter
00:36 HDMI: selecting the input source
00:49 Connecting iPhone to TV using HDMI
01:04 Videos in Full Screen; Games in Dual Screen
01:14 Plugging the Charger in the Adapter to save battery
01:29 VGA: only video, no audio;
01:42 VGA: connecting to Projectors
02:08 Apple TV: connecting Wireless, Wifi,
02:30 Apple TV: AirPlay; Control Center: mirror screen
03:08 Final words

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  1. Thanks for the vid. My question is this: I have an iphone 6s plus and I want to mirror games!
    I dont want to download them on apple tv again, I just want to mirror whatever Im playing on my iphone.
    I know this is possible with the hdmi adaptor (although another vid I saw, mentioned something about a minor lag) but I dont know if I can do this with apple TV. Is it possible? (remember… just mirroring, not downloading on the apple tv over again).
    Is so, which method do you recommend for gaming?

  2. Someone help me out, I have an iPad Air 2 and a Samsung Smart TV that I bought a few years ago. To mirror my iPad on my TV can someone please give a shopping list/what I need to do so.

  3. Thanks so much and I must've had to watch about 30 videos before I found yours and your video was the only one that explains and told me exactly what I needed to figure out easy to understand and follow straight to the point and well done thankyou so much you just got a new subscriber

  4. I'm currently using the HDMI adapter and was thinking of purchasing an Apple Tv unit.
    Can you confirm the picture quality is better using Air Play from Apple TV rather than HDMI adapter ???
    My main issue is with watching sport. I've found it very pix-elated thru the HDMI adapter, so i am hoping Apple TV would improve that. My internet connection speed is certainly fast enough. The picture coming thru to the Ipad i'm using is great but when i transfer it to TV is not even close to the same quality. So that's where i'm hoping Air play over Apple TV would improve that.

    Thanks in advance

  5. Excellent! Thank you. Finally, a simple, easy to understand video of how to use Apple TV. Many of us were assuming that Apple TV meant that you needed to purchase an actual TV and not just the box. You have clarified this for me and I appreciate it.

  6. I have a ipad air 1. I don't care about mirroring on the screen. I just want to watch tv or movies from my ipad on tv when on vacation. Is this possible without apple tv just with 4g or wifi connection? and is it worth buying the cabel on ebay. Or should it be original for sure function?

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