How To Enable WiFi Tethering in iOS 8.1 without Carrier Plan ‘TetherMe for iOS8+’


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Tweak: TetherMe for iOS8+
Source: BigBoss
Price: $4.99

Tethering has always been an issue with carriers, as using an iPhone’s network connection on a laptop eats up a lot of data. Although most of us are on the newer plans with data caps, some are still grandfathered in on the unlimited data plans from the past. Most carriers do not allow tethering without purchasing a specific plan on a carrier, but as with many issues, Jailbreak is here to solve another.

TetherMe for iOS8+ is one of the cheaper tethering Cydia tweaks out there, but it gets the job done. Upon installing TetherMe, the user can set a WiFi password within the Setting app and tether it to virtually any device, allowing devices such as an iPad to share the iPhone’s data connection. Of course, the user can choose to enable or disable WiFi tethering within the TetherMe settings page.

Cydia Tweaks like MyWi currently…

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  1. Thats why I hate IOS….better switch to android, easy to root and customizable! I have IPhone but Im using it for basic call functions, texting and mobile photography, internet surfing , chatting, watching movies and gaming are shouldered by my android tablet. I like android more and the best thing is almost all the applications are free of charge!

  2. Ok so I have a question: I have a 3G unlimited plan with At@T in which I get 4G free then get bumped down to 3G but it it's unlimited, so if I enable my phone as a hotspot will I start getting other charges I wasn't aware of?

  3. U just wanted to know does it work for t- mobile now when you do it will it show on your bill that the phone is tethering with the devices or when the devices connect does it just connect like just using your phone when on web on your phone with out them tracking it as a tethering

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