How To Fix Apple Boot Loops [2017] Remove Bad Tweaks No Computer Needed

How to fix apple boot loop with No computer needed. Two different methods for how to fix apple loop or boot loop. Download iCleaner Pro to follow along with the video tutorial. Users can remove bad tweaks without a computer by putting the device into mobile substrate mode. No computer needed to fix apple loop or boot loop and remove bad cydia tweaks too.
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  1. If you change settings a tweak that causes an error, go into substrate mode , then into icleaner, the = tab and then preference Bundles and then delete to .plist for that tweak, sometimes after that you need to reinstall the tweak, deleting the plist resets the settings

  2. does anybody here knows how to fix boot loop stuck 10.2 jailbroken iphone 6s? tried a lot of possible ways, but it doesn't help. dont want to restore and update through recovery. pls help. thanks. this happens after installing appsync.

  3. I have a problem my Yalu102 app says I'm jailbroken I have ICleaner and appsmanager installed in my phone they open but my cydia app is gone I can't find it.. what can I do?? I resented my phone and everything and the two apps don't delete but cydia never shows up

  4. If it is happening 50 times a day it just shows how unstable the jailbreak is. When do you think pangu or when will the public version of this jailbreak be shared?

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