How To Get PlayBox HD NO JAILBREAK On iOS 9 – 9.3 For iPhone, iPod & iPad

How To Get PlayBox HD NO JAILBREAK On iOS 9 – 9.3 For iPhone, iPod & iPad

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ios 9.3 jailbreak

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  1. Difference between PlayBox and MovieBox??
    I have MovieBox, it's all good but when I click watch it will pop the vid up but it won't stop loading? (I have VPN) is PlayBox the same?

  2. Playbox stopped working for me. Deleted it to see if a reinstall would work but now it can't install. Weirdly, vshare now keeps taking me to the App Store when I tap on install for playbox hd. 🙁 sadness.

  3. Doesn't work anymore, will not install. Pop-up for "cooogle" appears every time wen trying through the the website and the app. Same goes for movie box. Before it had been working for at least a month maybe longer.

  4. Glad your back, always preferred your videos compared to the other iOS/Jailbreak based youtubers. I prefer Cinemabox as it loads faster all round. Anyone else notice that?

  5. Hey how's it goin Jeremy? I lost my jailbreak due to having to restore it to bring it back to Apple to fix .. Gutted !! Anyway was wandering is there anyway of get musicbox without a jailbreak tried it through that emus site but won't work.. Any other way ? Cheers

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