How To Hide Any App On iPhone – iPad Up To iOS 9.2.1 *Apps Come Back By Restarting. Read Description

Ideas to disguise folders.
To hide apps in secret folders.
Without Jailbreak.

How to hide apps in iOS 9.3:

This glitch ⬆️ still works!
And also this trick ⬇️

The hidden apps remain accessible from Spotlight Search, and come back when restarting your iDevice.

Alternative method:

If you hide apps by this way ⬆️ everything stays where you left off when turn off your iPhone.

You can keep your apps permanently hidden in invisible folders; when reboot, everything remains so.
The downside is that you can not do it with any wallpaper, only works with grey background.

iphone 6s jailbreak 9.2

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  1. How u get it back so u can delete the app. I restart my phone but it's stroll hidden but it's poppin up on the side bar where u go to ur recent apps. I don't want that. ?

  2. This so fucking helped me y because my sister keep bugging me for temple run and mcpe so thx so when she go on my {iPad pro} she will think that I deleted it so that she won't tuch it????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????so I a m a b o o s a s s b I c h

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