How to Improve Battery Life on iOS 10 – Best Tips & Tricks!

Learn how to Improve the Battery Life of your iPhone or iPad running iOS 10 with these Tips & Tricks! This video contains all of the Best ways to Save Battery Life on iOS 10!
iOS 10 Hidden Features Top 10 List:
iPhone 7 Tips, Tricks & Hidden Features TOP 25 LIST:
iPhone 7 New & Hidden Features:

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  1. Please refer to the below discussion:

    Do not replace your battery or buy a new handset, wait for Apple to release a fix first.

    If you have already paid for a new battery or phone, insist on a refund if you are still having the issue.

    It is affecting all handsets on IOS 10 from the 5 to the 7.

    Apple appear to be carrying out a damage limitation act on which handsets are affected.

    IOS 10 damages batteries.

  2. I had the same problem with my 6s 16gb which I bought in the month of april, abnormal draining of battery. It was like 1% per minute of usage. I went to apple care, they said that some iOS files and Snapchat was crashing, but they couldn't resolve the problem. 5 days ago they exchanged my phone and gave me a new 6s 16gb but still I'm facing the same problem, the battery drains too fast same as before.

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