How to inventory edit Terraria for iOS (NO JAILBREAK)

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I use AirServer to mirror my iPhone’s screen to my computer. I then use Screenflow to record it and edit videos.

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  1. so i went to ibackupbot and i clicked on terraria and the i pressed cookies and the i pressed the first cookie and i was wondering if that was my invetory on my phone please tell me

  2. This is absolutely amazing, and works extremely perfect! 😀
    But, what do I do with items that has an ID higher than 255?
    For example, I want some titanium bars, which has an id of 1198. It just converts to Hellstone, which has an ID of 174.

    Help me pls :3

  3. help it says App Sandbox access is restricted by Apple to ones with 'iTunes File Sharing' enabled since iOS 8.3. Jailbreak is required to open the sandbox of this App. what do i do

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