How to Remove a Jailbreak from any iDevice (iPhone/iPod/iPad)

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This tutorial will show you how to completely remove a jailbreak from any iDevice. It works for any iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad on any version with the help of iTunes.

This method removes ALL traces of a jailbreak. If you plan on bringing your device back to the Apple Store, this is what you should do before going. No Apple Store employee will ever be able to tell if you jailbroke your device before.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you plan on getting everything out of your device, you should eventually do a clean restore and SET AS NEW DEVICE since iTunes backup will keep old files that will stay on your device and still use precious space even if you can’t use them. *Thanks to XxsniperbuddhaxX for bringing this up!!*

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  1. i have cydia o r gad it on iphone5 2 days ago i backed up iphone then reset iphone now its stuck on logo loading bar screen cant connect to itunes or anyting plz help ive tired everything

  2. Guys it works! My iPhone had problems detecting in iTunes until I noticed a pop-up saying to Restore it. 🙂
    Took agesssss to get upto the installing bar on my phone, but worth the wait!! 😀
    Thanks man for helping me out! ^^

  3. Why is everyone scared that apple could detect your jailbreak ??

    1. If you really need to go to the Apple Store for example because you want to give back your damaged phone for a new one, just reinstall the IOS… or update to a new version…Everything will be fine.

    2. Even if, its not a problem at all, at least when its not a warranty case.
    For example i was at the apple store a few days ago because my screen was cracked (iphone 6 plus). Its not a warranty case. You just have to pay for it…

    I went into it with a jailbreak 😀 The guy there asked me if he can look into the device just to see how much the display is damaged. I said ok its no problem. Unlock my phone and gave him.
    He said "woow that looks great, where did you get that from?" he was referring to my Icons and my Theme. Because it just looks awesome, thats how IOS should look.
    I said it was a app from the app store .
    He looked like this ": S"
    At page 3 of my iphone he saw Cydia , he started to laugh. He said he cant repair my phone this way because they are using a Device which "controls/checks" the display after repairing it and my IOS has to be on the latest one so that the Device knows where to check.
    My phone was on 8.1 i think, and the latest is 9.2 😀 So i said ok you can restore, he took a macbook and a usb cable, pluged my phone in and restored.

    Before that 2 other apple workers came to the table, they were like little kids waiting for christmas gift or something.
    They said can we look into your phone, but they were like "holly shit this is a revolution" I said of course do what ever you want.
    After 2 minutes they asked me if they can make a diagnosis. I said ok.
    And than they were going crazy. He said he is working 4 years now for apple and thats the first time ever he saw a red ! on the application section : D.
    He clicked on it and it was Cydia of course.
    ….Such a nice story.

  4. It's says I need to disable find my iPhone and I try to and it says there was a problem deregistering find my iPhone so it won't let me restore it bc find my iPhone is still on

  5. When I jailbroke my iPod I lost the AppStore and settings so if I undo the jailbreak will I get the App Store and settings back also will I lose Cydia if I undo the jail break?

  6. So when I restore, ALL my apps will come back right? And like they'll have their info right? Like for example if I was signed on Facebook then I restore I'll still be signed in? Or will I have to put my sign information again? I'm scared on doing this alright. ;-;

  7. why foes my ipod show the pinapple than go to a white screen when tethered jailbreak booting? any help an dif anyone could help me with jailbreaking my ipod please d im running into quite a few problems thanks.

  8. PLLLLEEEEAAAASEE HELP!!!!! add me on skype: turtlesbum and ill explain my situation and send you a photo of my situation its kind of hard to explain but can you pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaase help really stuck here!!!!!

  9. i have an ipad 4 and i have jailbroken it last week and now when i check for updates it's keep checking , and when i tried to restore it on itunes it say's ipsw no compatible and im on ios 8.1.2 by the way please help me

  10. i did jailbreak on my new iphone 6 plus and i just shut down and didnt start up again so i gave it to my phone store and they said it was a system fail and gave me a new iphone 6 plus so i lost all my picture but they didnt know i had jailbroken my phone and the only reason my phone shut doen was because i did jail break on a old version of ios so when i tryed to upgrade to the new ios version it shut down so they cant see u have jailbroken ur device and it is safe to jailbreak just make sure the jailbreak works with the ios version u are running and dont update ios… 

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