How to Unlock iPhone 6/6 Plus! Factory Unlock for any GSM Carrier Worldwide!

How To Unlock iPhone 6/6 Plus e for any gsm carrier such as AT&T, T-mobile, MetroPCS, etc. Get your Unlock code at

Stay tuned for more iPhone 6 Plus coverage coming soon including the finale of the iPhone challenge within the next few weeks 😉

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  1. What if my phone came from ebay and was factory reset so I can't even go into the phone until I set up the Sim and the sim won't go through. So will unlocking through the website make me be able to set up my phone and progress?

  2. I bought a phone from a guy and the carrier was at&t, I called at&t and it was black listed because it was "lost or stolen". They told me they could not unlock it because of that. So would this method still work? Because I feel Scammed

  3. guys are stupid… if your phone is paid off in full, contact your provider ask to unlock your phone, tmobile told me that my phone has to be paid off and 1 month of their service must be used on that phone… if it is then they will send you a email giving you steps how to do it, following there steps and boom, UNLOCKED FREE!!!… DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS WEBSITE SHIT

  4. I am using verizon now on my att iphone 6s. I got it unlocked from a store in Texas, they have a site if you wish to order online.. I think its called as americaunlocks, cant recollect properly.

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