How to use combined CFW to Bypass iCloud on iPhone 5 iOS 9.3.1 with LibiMobileDevice

How to use combined CFW to Bypass iCloud on iPhone 5 iOS 9.3.1 with LibiMobileDevice [NO EXPLOIT REQUIRED] (NAND Attack) WITH PROOFS!

In this video I will show you how to combine iOS 9.2.1 File System with iOS 9.3.1 IPSW in order to create a custom made firmware (IPSW) for NAND Attack with LibiMobileDevice for iCloud Bypass on iPhone 5 iOS 9.3.1.
It might also work with 5,1 and 5,3 and 5,4 (iPhone 5C).

The NAND method is harder to perform and requires practice and patience, but it is the best thing you can try for iCloud issue on these devices.
Creation of the CFW modified (patched requires the proper AES keys, this is why we combine the IPSWs.

I managed to successfully bypass iPhone 5 (16 GB) (Black) using this method. You can find proofs during the video’s key points as well as the restore, and I can also make more if you need to make sure you are following the right (and the only) path. As a proof, I also show the iTunes’s activation screen, the phone’s…

iphone 6s jailbreak 9.1

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  1. READ ME!!
    Hi there! I apologize for not being able to reply to all people, I do my best to keep on track, but still there are a lot of comments, so I would like to make a small Q and A here:
    Q: Will this 100% work from 1st try?
    A: No. iCloud Bypassing is not something easy and require a lot of work! Depends on device, depends on a lot of factors.
    Q: I got ASR Error 80, what to do?
    A: ASR ERROR 80 is caused by the fact that you modified the main DMG file and the hash got changed. Unfortunately, there is no easy fix for it and the only thing you can do is to try more. On some devices you might succeed, one some you might not.
    Q: Do this tutorial comes with any guarantee?
    A: No. It is just a research I made. Take it as an educational reference. It is intended to be tried and to be used for future research by people smarter than me in iOS field 🙂
    Q: Why is so hard to bypass nowadays?
    A: Apple's security made both Jailbreak and Bypass very hard, that's the way Apple works.
    Q: Are the tools provided free?
    A: Yes, literally. Never pay for these tools (Firmware Manager, RedSn0w, Libimobile, etc.).
    Q: How many times I need to perform NAND attack?
    A: There is no specific time… Is like asking how many times you need to perform brute force on your lockscreen… There is no count on them. As I said multiple times in the video, on some devices works easier, on some devices works harder, one some devices never works.
    Q: Is there any other method on the internet that works?
    A: NO. The CFW method is used since iOS 3.x and is the only reliable one if you don't have access to SSH.
    Q: Is there any hardware method?
    A: Yes, if you replace the motherboard.

    I hope these things will get things clear a little.

  2. it always giving this error
    ASR: asr: Image failed signature verification
    ASR: asr: Failed to read the stream: Authentication error
    ASR: Copied 2123136000 bytes in 111.14 seconds, 18655.08 KiB/s
    ASR STATUS: verify
    ASR: Could not restore – Authentication error
    ASR STATUS: fail

    ERROR: Unable to successfully restore device
    ERROR: Unable to restore device

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