iOS 10.2 Jailbreak – How to Fix Cydia Impactor Certificate Error

Today I wanted to quickly update you on the fact that Cydia Impactor (that was not working for the past 2 days and was not able to deploy any IPA due to a certificate (SSL) error) was now updated. Thing is, a lot of people don’t know there is an update and they continue to use the old broken version. Although Cydia Impactor can check for updates, it only does that if you press the Check Updates button manually, so you will not be automatically notified about this update.

With this update @saurik also pushed something called “Cydia Extender” about which he didn’t want to talk to much because it is broken, nope it is not a certificate extender, anything it was, it can’t be used because it requires an Apple Developer Account, so if you see that, don’t attempt using it.

In this video I also tell you what to do should this situation with Cydia Impactor happen again, he discuss about a method that does not need Cydia Impactor to install Yalu (but does need PC).

I really hope this…

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  1. Would you may be make a video on running Ubuntu Linux natively like replacing on sm-t350 I mean if you think it's possible and I'm sorry I shut my big mouth and be patience and wait for post. Ps. Don't block me I promise I won't post on subject again and I'm one of your biggest fans and all your viewers appreciate your JB vids. 🤐👌🏻✌🏻🖥💻⌨📱📲👍🏻

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