iOS 10.2 Jailbreak – How to Reinstall Removed Cydia

A lot of people seem to be removing Cydia Installer either by mistake or purposefully, only to realize it is very hard to get it back once you do so. Uninstalling Cydia is unfortunately, definitely possible and easy to do, but the fixes to get it back working on the device are usually not working due to them being outdated, or due to the permissions that have changed since the fixes were posted.

If you have removed Cydia, your Jailbreak still works, the kernel is still patched so you can still use the already installed tweaks, themes and patches, but there is no way you can install additional things, or manage your repos anymore. To fix this, we’re going to use a File Manager on the device, being it either Filza or iFile.
This method that I’ve discovered and I’ve demoed in a Reddit post involves removing yalu’s installation file to force Yalu to unpack its contents again. It see, to be working pretty well on all devices I have tested.

My Reddit post:…

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  1. i wish i could have known this about 43 days ago.. coz i messed up my device doing this… still better late then never… GOOD WORK!!. waiting for the next part, when you use SSH

  2. hey, a friend found an iphone 6 in the street but its cloud locked, iยดve tried the cfw methods of your videos but none of them worked and replacing hardware is not an option, here the motherboard cost as much as buying the phone new, will the IMEI method that some online pages sell for 20 bucks unlock the icloud? thx

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