iOS 7 Jailbreak: Top 10 “Functional” Tweaks

Top 10 “functional” Cydia jailbreak tweaks for your iOS 7 device, more episodes coming up!

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  1. +fairlane I own an iPhone 4 7.1.2 running 9 tweaks (including the ones you have) and I haven't seen any slow downs with opening apps. I suggest using a performance booster mod

  2. For those who own a 4s updated to 7.1.x. I just jailbroke for mine first time ever. I think it's winterboard but it's slowed down my device. Although not significantly, i can still notice the delay in opening apps etc. Noslowanimations did not help. It just loaded into the app faster but it paused for a while in the opening app introduction. I only have 4 tweaks on it. Winterboard, cctoggles, noslowanimations, zeppelin. Oh I also installed bitesms. Just letting 4s owners know…

  3. Kinda off topic guys, but please report and comments with urls about jail break tutorials coming from multiple accounts, with the same basis, or saying this tut doesn't teach you anything, so please mark these all as spam.

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