iOS 9’s JAILBREAK-inspired features!

iOS 9 beta 1 was heavily inspired by the jailbreak community? What features did Apple borrow from jailbreak devs? Watch the video and see! Please share!

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  1. Jesus fucking Christ I've been using my iPhone 5s for a while now without upgrading to ios9 man I would have done it a lot sooner if I knew that I could look at two different kinds of porn at the same time this is a game changer

  2. +myjailbreakmovies 
    So I have a serious question.

    Do jailbreak tweak developers get upset when apple takes their ideas and implements it into iOS? especially for a tweak that has to be paid for and made money for the developer. OR; Does apple pay these developers for their ideas and pay them to implementing it into iOS?

    I always wondered how this work. I am not sure if jailbreak tweaks are patented like an app for example.

  3. Totally agree and yet they keep trying to prevent us from tweaking. I think apple owes the jailbreak community a huge apology and one nice gesture would be to unlock every and all previous iOS version. I Do not buy the excuse that they prevent downgrades to reduce security flaws. No other, I repeat no other operating system uses a sophisticated Apticket system to prevent downgrading its nonsense! 

  4. I've been waiting for this kind of software merge between Tweaks and iOS reliability, all started with the widgets in the Notification Center and i hope new tricks will be added later. Tho i I want Graviboard and Carrusel just for fun. You are very cool seriously,

  5. Dude, do you work for apple? if you do, you shouldn't, because your telling them about things in jailbreak and stuff, and they like the ideas, because they don't know about jailbreak.

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