iPhone 5 24ct Gold Conversion

This Gold Conversion Is Available At http://gadgetreviewguys.com/
All Gold Products Are Plated In Florida By Becker Industries.
All Gold Products Are 100% 24ct Gold Plated.
Available In Rose Gold Or Regular Gold
Textures Available Matte Or Gloss.

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  1. this is soo dumb, 24ct gold is really weak.. if you drop it you scratch the whole phone.
    even worse than the original housing.
    if you really want a gold iphone 5 you should take a 12/14 ct gold one, much stronger and a little bit less expensive

  2. I would assume this impairs the phone's reception since the gold housing isn't an official apple part and the patented antenna is built into the housing

  3. i noticed that your video skip the installation of the power/sleep button. 

    I have recently purchase a case and the hinge that exist in my stock iphone does not exist in the new housing. Is this normal? I am trying to figure out if all back housing are this way and if so, what do to solve the problem?

  4. Love the way your hand is in the way of what you're doing, (when you're explaining what you're doing). Also love how you fast forward just at the important parts

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