iPhone 5s vs. Nexus 5

We compare the iPhone 5s and Nexus 5, Apple’s and Google’s flagship devices in this comparison video.

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Nexus 5 vs. iPhone 5s: Clash of the Flagships [Video]


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  1. You did not use art, review the OS, or compare the screens in depth. You did not test system apps or any apps like Facebook or Whatsapp.
    Pretty biased if you ask me. You only really compared the cameras in depth, which isn't a strong point in the N5

  2. 4:51 OMG dude iphone 5s shows a lot of pink due to the ISO and the colors are washed out while nexus 5 shows true colors also you favored iShit. iShit is for people who don't know anything about smartphones and want to be hipsters. Nexus 5 is the real deal. ofc ur name says it all. And yes i'm an Android fan who is pointing our to your stupid reasons. 7:07 flowers on the nexus are much sharper, and after that when u go into that arbour the colors are much better on nexus + ur dog on the nexus shows his real colors

  3. Not bad of a review but you spent way to much time on the camera aspect of both phones IMO. You didn't mention any other differentiators like what each phone is capable of that the other isn't. Like the finger print sensor on the iPhone. Or NFC and wireless charging on the nexus 5. Not to mention the biggest difference if all… The OS of each phone.

    One final note I'd like to mention is the fact that a lot of iPhone users like to flaunt is the single hand usage of the iPhone. While that's true it's really not that big of a deal when using the nexus 5. LG and Google did a great job at minimizing those bezels while providing a great screen. While Appl the iPhone has a tiny screen with much bigger bezels and I find that such a waste of space. U really notice this when u hold both phones at the same time. While yes the nexus 5 is a bigger phone, it's overall dimensions aren't that much bigger than the iPhone but you're getting a full inch more screen real estate. 

  4. This review is missing a couple of important features:
    1st of all NFC support, with Nexus 5 you can go shopping and spend the 350$, saved not buying the iPhone, paying contactless… Pretty cool 🙂
    2nd is about openess: iPhone users are still waiting for real time backup for their sms… Android users are able to backup and restore sms, mms, call logs, whatsapp messages, etc. between different devices, Web, mail client, etc. never thought?

    For me is enough, but the list is yet long 🙂 

  5. Wow! I have watched my fair share of iPhone, Android, etc. phone reviews, and comparisons that all claim to be unbiased but I can say with confidence that your comparison was the best I've ever watched! You truly were unbiased, and talked about the qualities of each phone true to how it performed during the review. Great job! Definitely subscribing, and can't wait to watch more! (:

  6. Great video. I have seen other youtube videos with these two phones, and most them were BIASED. Funny I just got the Nexus 5 and I do own the 5s for awhile now. And this video shows the same differences in my two phones. Good work.
    Also I just Subscribed to your channel. 

  7. That was a damn great review! You was unbiased and you touched down on points that actually matter! Speed, apps, camera, and price! In my opinion the mic on the iPhone 5S was lower but I noticed no background noises! On the nexus 5, it was louder but the background noise would get irritating! As for price, you can get the iPhone 5S for boost mobile just 450. That's 55 dollars a month with sprint LTE (it's fast here in Indianapolis, IN) great review! No complaints!

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