iPhone 6 Plus – 10 Things That Are Awesome

Enough Negativity, Here Are 10 Awesome Things About The iPhone 6 Plus. Features & Hardware.

More Info On iPhone 6 Plus Bend Issue Fix: http://phonerebel.com/?p=1312

10 Things That Suck: http://y2u.be/mi3oEYda_2c
iPhone 6 Plus Review: http://y2u.be/PuVDHYE22Zo
iPhone 6 Plus VS 6: http://y2u.be/Jyks2nr_AqQ
iPhone 6 Plus VS Galaxy Note 4: http://y2u.be/1SeBw_LpX_4

Checkout iphone 6c

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  1. Ummm sir you need to be a voice model. Are you are voice model? Wait is he the male Siri? Are you Sam? Because if Siri had a twin you would be him…ok now back to this video

  2. iPhone 6 Plus worst piece of crap phone I've even spend my money on for someone out there trying to get one don't bother get something else it is not worth it at all!

  3. jajja what a freak talking about the iphone like its a top of the line in smartphones,little does he knows the iphone its a crappy phone a mediocre a low tech laughable phone compared to the latestes ones like the samsumg galaxy edge or the htc or even the sony all of them with much better graphics more megapixel and features and very enjoyable apps that lets you really have a good time surfing or listen to songs or videos …good luck with the iphony and itunes ..

  4. I had one but I switched to a galaxy s6 because I was curious and sprint only had 16gb iPhone at the time and they where buying me out of my contract. BIG MISTAKE. The iPhone 6 plus is far superior to the galaxy s6 anyone who truly says this phone is better than the 6 plus has mental issues or just like bad technology and being mistreated.

  5. Had me iPhone6plus just over 2 months & totally love this little gem. But like you said in the video – my iPads have big collecting dust ever since upgrading to the 6+.

    I love the size of the phone – it's like having an iPhone & iPad all in one device which is God send. Used to carry both me iPhone & iPad everywhere.

    It's bin a true God send.

  6. Do people really come on to Apple videos to say how Android is so much better? If you don't like apple don't watch the videos? I like both operating systems but why are you wasting your time if you don't like these phone hahah

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