iPhone 6 Top Secret Screen LEAKS!

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Today, YouTube Nation delivers great videos like Superwoman’s #LEH, an iPhone 6 sneak peek, the tiniest concert in the world, and a hilarious western.
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Special thanks to Jimmy Wong for being our guest host!
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  1. Jimmy Wong. I was thinking I know this person from some where. Then I realized that you were on video game high school. I loved that show and I would love to talk. I hope you see this jimmy. You rock at racing!

  2. To all android looser fans,

    Dear all android looser fans . Did u know that all features ur android phone has . They where first an iPhones far years ago. Most of the things that u haut have apple users had it ages ago android had copied apple since so long. Most of the features ur ugly devices have r useless. Ur phones look ugly and cheap ur software is crap ur hardware is crap u have stolen all the things from apple. U guys r thieves . …..

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