iPhone 6 Unboxing

iPhone 6 trailer.
iPhone 6 review.
Lighter, thinner and higly flexible.
The biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone.

Bend Test. Unbox.

iPhone 6 concept amazing features.
making of this video:

iPhone 6 concept is very lighter, thinner and higly flexible design.
Unboxing iPhone 6 concept which has more features than previous versions like iPhone 5 , iPhone 4 , iPod , iPad .

Concept designed by Sibgathullah Ameen

Hope u ll enjoy this video.
This video concept is for entertaining the iPhone lovers world wide and to encourage development of new features and designs in coming apple products. And also to promote upcoming iPhone 6 version in online.

Thanks for watching. Pls do like this video. More features ll come soon.
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  2. When was it possible to create a phone 1mm thick, completely flexible and a transparent screen? I understand it is a concept but what drugs were you consuming when you thought that might even be possible?

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