iphone 6/iphone 6s Eztalk battery case, Apple Mfi Certified

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Manufacturer : Foxconn: Apple certified manufactory. is and have authorized Mfi Manufacturing License.all products satisfy the quantity requirements of Apple. Eztalk Battery Case model:sl-006 Input: Dc 5v 1a Putput: Dc 5v 1a capacity: 2650mah 9.805wh Type of battery: Li-polymer Size:(l)152.0 X (w)68.6 X (h)16.7mm Features: Auto retractable earphones 1.for listening and talking(microphone included), easy on/off gives you choices to use the or not. 2.the wire extends to maximum length of 105cm, can sustain more than 30,000 pulls, which equals to about 3-4 years of normal usage. 3.the earbuds design stereo sound, letting enjoy music and video. Built-in rechargeable 1.the backup charges your iphone 6 on-the-go to double the and standby time of 6. 2.led indicators provide easy tracking of current life status. Protective 1.provide protection for 6. 2.made of high quality, durable materials, precision molded for a perfect fit….

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