iPhone 6s Backlight Solutions–easy filters vs difficult chips

Here we show you how to solve the common iPhone 6s no backlight fault. The cause is failure to disconnect battery when connecting/disconnecting screens, or using a screen with an exposed backlight flex.

The 6s backlight filter is extremely sensitive–failure to replace the filter with another filter and instead just jumping across the filter will lead to extreme difficult to repair damage down the road. Here we show you what that looks like as a warning—always REPLACE THE FILTER, and NEVER JUMP IT.

Jessa’s Favorite Equipment List: (See Louis’s favorite list below)

Recommended microscope:
Light ring for microscope:
0.5x Barlow lens–to increase working distance:

My soldering station with standard iron:
Primary soldering tool–mini hot tweezers
Favorite tips for mini hot tweezer:
Favorite tip for standard iron:…

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  1. Hello there , great video , i got an iphone 4s and tried to do DFU and i get error -1 at the end of process, cant get in normal way in.What could be the problem ,what can be done? Thank you.

  2. Feeling the need to make fun of a religion is sad. But then again you don't seem to care about some off your loyal viewers/subscribers. So feel free to make fun of my comment, or whatever you feel gives you validation.

  3. Just a little question the chip have two missing pad corresponding to a line you don't do any jumper just replace the chip without that pad and line, the iPhone backlight working well, how do you know the backlight will working with that missing line and pads?

  4. Hey Jessa great video, can you please update on the brightness? I did one 6S the other day with full short to ground on the line (big cap) that took out the Big coil I was really scared through the whole thing but it came out alright but had to replace the ic and both diodes cuz everyone kept telling me "It's never the coil" lol

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