Iphone 6s Randomly Shutdown or turns off – How to Fix – Iphone 6s Shutdown Gate

Looks like they might have Recall of some sort Check out this link

So i was super happy to get the new Iphone 6s until i Found out it randomly shut off or turn off and i would have to manually turn it back on. I missed a Alarm because the phone was off at that point i knew i need to come up with a fix. Here is the only thing that has worked for me. It’s a huge pain but the only thing that worked for me.

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  1. Mine just started doing this. It shuts off at 30% battery. I checked the serial number on apple's recall checker and it has to go in for s new battery. Iphone 6s 128gb

  2. my iphone 6s plus would not charge so i bought a new charger and it worked for about a week and then it stopped working also. I had to play with it to get it to work. Then my phone started to turn off will it was on 50% or 60% so i knew something was wrong. i bought a new charger again and it worked for a few days before doing the same as the others. after the third charger stopped working on my phone, i used the original charger again and it worked sometimes. (sometimes id plug in and nothing happened, other times it worked like nothing was wrong with it) also i would leave my phone plugged into the charger even while it did not show the lightning icon indicating that it was charging, but the battery life would still go up. ( it would jump from say 15% to 20% even though the lighting icon did not appear.) i finally went to apple and i received a loaner phone while my phone was being shipped to get fixed. i got home and the loaner phone was on about 70%. when i connected to my wifi it went down to about 40% in a matter of seconds and then minutes later it showed that it was dead. i was able to use one of the previous chargers with no problem for a while but then it stopped working completely too. (i forgot to mention that with my original phone, my friends charger worked perfectly fine on my phone and when i went to apple the first time and ran diagnostics, nothing seemed to be wrong with the battery) anyway, i called apple asap because the loaner phone was doing the same thing as my original phone and they said for me to go in and swap the phones again because they didn't know what was wrong with it. that night, i went a got a new charger AGAIN, and it worked perfectly fine. i went to apple the next day for the swap and they told me it had to be my charger so they just reset the software and sent me on my way. the charger i had just bought is not working anymore now. Its not the phones because what are the odds that both phones had the same exact problem ? and its not the charger, (im not going to keep buying new chargers if they're not the problem) and this all happened within a months time. i cant help but think that there is some type of signal tampering with the software or something. i have an crazy ex, maybe he has some type of spy app ( wouldn't be the first time) but honestly. even my laptop wont connect to wifi in my bedroom at all but if i take literally one step outside of my bedroom door it connects with 100% strength.

  3. Took my 6s in today, and they re-flashed software on my phone and "fixed it". did the same thing tonight and now i've gotta hope and pray they replace it for me. i didn't pay almost $900 to have issues. Thank you for the video to show that this is an actual issue.

  4. My iphone 5c keeps turning off even if its charged and the battery when ever i charge it it act werid like its 56% 6 seconds in is 98% itsss weird and annoying btw im on ios 10

  5. my iphone just directly shuts down if i unplugged the charger even if its full charge i dont understand if i turn on my iphone i will just shut down in just a second

  6. This information is overall correct but it's better to do a full firmware restore than an 'erase all content and settings' reset. A reset will resolve the issue if it's a problem caused by applications or internal settings, but it will not help if the core issue is within the firmware (iOS).

    From the perspective of the user, a reset and a full restore are functionally the same (both result in a wiped phone), but the firmware restore is more thorough as it will actually replace the operating system layer as well as wiping content. All it takes is iTunes and an internet connection, you can read instructions on how to do it in this apple support article: HT201263 (google it).

  7. My iPad mini is jailbroken and when I don't re-enable my jailbreak, the wifi is off and I try to turn on wifi in settings, but it isn't loading up and then when I swipe to turn on wifi but the button isn't there…

  8. i had the same problem i replaced my battery about 4 months ago and it some what does the same thing but when my charges it loses charge when im using it ill let it charge to 100% and when i take it off the charger it dies within an hour any help?

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