iPhone 6S Release Day

We waited at the AT&T Store for the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, here’s the vlog of it!
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  1. Hey Ty! I was just wondering, but your Vlog before this one, you said that you're getting the iPhone 6S Plus & 6S for you & Gray. Gray mentioned that she's been using her iPhone 5S since then. I remember in the Vlog when you bought the 2014 iPhones, you would give Gray the regular iPhone 6, especially since you gave her the case that you got from the iPhone mockups.  Now in the previous iPhone 6S Vlog, you would give Gray your regular iPhone 6 Plus. I'm a little confuse about if you bought the two iPhones for yourself only. You also mentioned you broke the speaker or microphone of the regular iPhone 6. 

    Thanks. Love your videos.

  2. tbh why do you even still have this channel… it used to be good but then you got addicted to vlogging so now you only do a video when there's a new iThing. and even then the production quality is just not as good… MKBHD, Dom Esposito ahem

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