iPhone 6s VS Galaxy S6 VS HTC M9 VS Xperia Z3+ VS LG G4 – Benchmark Speed Test!

How does Apple A9 chip compare in Antutu and Geekbench against Android Flagships?
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Checkout iphone 6s gaming performance

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  1. Do remember this is apples newest phone, while the others are way more outdated . This would be a good Comparison if it was up to date with the HTC m10, and Galaxy s7. The new HTC m10 scored 156,000, for the antutu benchmark score making it the highest scoring phone ever. The Galaxy s7 scored about 133,000, and the iPhone 6s well we see what its score is on here lol. it's so funny that even when Comparing the iPhone to outdated Android phones the iPhone still has a hard time Competing lol.

  2. One thing i learned about these benchmarks, thy might calculate the potential of your hardware, bt use a phone for a month, fill it up with your photos n multimedia files n it would perform nowhere near what the score says, thats why for me, a sony software is the one that stands out bcos even though u eatup alot of the memory from files n apps, it wd still be creamy smooth to browse them, definatly not the case with g4,s6edge n the iphone…. I hate htc's so havent used the m9….im talking from experience with those phones(refering to iphone 6s Obviously not 6s)

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