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We do giveaways to give back to the people who needs it!
Unlike most people, I am grateful to have so much money and to be such a succesful business man… So thats why I wanna giveaway to the community! My employee is running this channel, they call him “Wiz.” Hopefully he is doing a great job and giving away all these items!


If you want to donate (not…

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  1. im sorry. i normally wouldnt be asking for a handout but… i dont know whether youll believe me or not but two weeks ago my phone was stolen. someone took the phone out of my stuff while i wasnt in the locker room at school. i havent had a phone in weeks and i cant afford another. i would like this phone so my mother doesnt have to buy me one. i dont have enough money anymore. (i bought the last one)

  2. I really just want an iPhone 7 I have a 5πŸ˜•but u r generous (not saying this for "brownie points") I would donate to the PayPal but the like isn't blue-I can click on it just letting u know–u r coollllll

  3. #IPhonegiveaway
    I really want a black one cause my parents don't have enough money to buy one for my sister and I and even for themselves so it would be really nice if we get only one. My sis and I have old samsung galaxi that can't update some new version of some apps cause the device is too old and my parents have old phone with buttons and I count on you to make them a surprise

  4. Giveaway Nation I am a huge fan of iPhone 7 plus but I don't have so much money to buy it so it would be great if you give me.I have never win any giveaway

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