iPhone 7 and Google Pixel Giveaway + More (INTERNATIONAL)


Danny’s Video is HERE:

Give Away Ends 1/15/2017!!!

It’s the end of the year and we are ending it with a BANG. I have teamed up with my good friend Danny Winget AKA Superscientific to bring you an amazing give away. The main prize is your choice of a Google Pixel/Pixel XL or iPhone 7/7 Plus. To go one step further we are going to be giving away small items daily on a random…

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  1. Hi there i would love to test the new features and things on an iPhone 7.Plus I would give it to my mum cause I was ment to get her something for Christmas but I didn't have enough money to buy it and also I've never had an android or iPhone I have an windows Phone so please

  2. Thanks for the giveaway, just hope i win something and what an amazing way to start 2017. Thank you @ot4tech and @superscientific from @alexhwande45 (alexhwande45). Hope i win anymof them but preferably the Google Pixel.

  3. hope i win! i really want an iphone. we cant afford it, didnt get anything on christmas. but the new year was so fun! atleast i was with my family 😀 havent touched one apple product. HOPE I WIN! Did everything. Thanks!! John Amiel Zaion B. Hiwatig is the name on the gleam.io entry thing

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